To Destroy the Eleventh Son

Pinyin: Huo Bing Xiao Shi Yi Lang
Chinese title: 火併蕭十一郎
English title: To Destroy The Eleventh Son

Status: Partial Translation.

This is a sequel to Xiao Shi Yi Lang. Total = 34 Chapters.

26th chapter - Seven Blind People

Early Fall, Glamorous Sunny Day.

Sunshine shone through the paper thin windows, illuminating her smooth satin-like skin, the water temperature was coincidently warmer than the sunshine, 

She leisurely laid down inside the water, rising up a pair of elegant and graceful legs higher, letting the heart in her bosom exposed by the comforting light of the sunshine. 

Light must resembles the lover's hands 

But Feng ShiNiang's heart was not pleased. 

After half a month of traveling about, she was able to take a hot bath, even though she was practically able to experience the most delightful things in life, but inside a heart of someone like her was filled with so many concerns, in this world perhaps not one single thing that could make her feel happy. 

Feng ShiNiang was normally not a melancholic person, but seemingly now it had become very melancholic. 

Wind blew gently outside the window, outside was a sight of Mt Luan Shi (Mount Jumbled Rocks). 

This place she had come, she was here two years ago.

Two years ago, she was also taking a hot bath in this same room , she remembered her extremely happy mood those days. 

To say the least, it was much happier than now 

Looking at her external appearance, she had not changed since two years ago. 

Her bosom was still very firm, her waist was still very thin, her small belly was still very flat, her pair of slender legs, were also still equally smooth and firm. 

Her eyes also still sparked with brightness, her smiled could also similarly move people's heart. 

But only in her own heart she knew, she had already aged much, the weakening of one's inner feelings, was truly dreadful. 

These past two years, she still had not treat herself unfairly. 

She still rode the same fastest horses, climbed the highest mountain, ate the hottest food, drank the most intense wine, used the fastest knives, killed the most vicious men 

She was still enjoying life to the greatest extent. 

But it was a pity that regardless of any types of enjoyment, she had not been able to expel the loneliness in her heart 

A kind that penetrated through her deepest loneliness, like the wooden pillars filled with termites, making her feel empty as a person 

Beside of her loneliness, she was more importantly thinking of her own life. 

Longing for her youth, longing for the past, longing for possessions, she was the only one person. 

Even though she didn't wish to admit it to herself, but no one in this world could replace the person on her mind forever. 

Yang KaiTai definitely could not. 

She was married to Yang KaiTai, but she actually run away from the wedding festivities. 

She remembered Yang KaiTai had a square face, well-mannered attitude, she also remembered his kind sincerity and genuine heart, 

She also felt really sorry for this sincere gentleman herself, but she also couldn't help herself. 

Because she was not able to forget Xiao Shiyi Lang ! 

No matter where he was on the horizon or on the cape, no matter if he was alive or dead, she still could not forget him completely, she could not forget him forever. 

If a woman didn't have a man beside her, like the kind of man who could accompany her everyday abundantly, she still would always think of loneliness. 

For a 35 year woman like her, what matter in this world was also being lonelier and unable to endure to long even more ? 

She sentimentally looked at herself, smooth, crystal-clear, without the least of slight defects, her tears already started to flow down. 

Suddenly a sound of crashing could be heard, the window, the door, and the wooden walls had been simultaneously broken leaving 7 big holes 

Feng Shi Niang only smiled. 

Two years ago she took a bath here, the same event also happened, why did history always have to repeat itself ? 

And it was the same two years ago when she laid down comfortably inside the bath tub, lightly wiping her hands together with the silk handkerchief. 

But now her complexion had actually changed, she felt really strange. 

Right now men were peeping at her taking a bath, but unexpectedly they were all blind men! 

Seven very big holes, then seven blind men walked inside, pitch black long hair, pitch black clothing, each of their eyes were all also left with two pair of shiny black holes, each left hand was carrying a white walking stick and each right hand was holding a fan. 

The seven men encircled Feng ShiNiang, who was taking a bath inside the wooden bath tub, all seven men looked pale, all seven had pale faces, all entirely without facial expressions. 

Feng ShiNiang laughed, “Even blind men came to watch me taking a bath, my charm must have not been little.” 

The seven men were not only blind, but also appeared to be mute. 

After a very long pause, then suddenly only a person said, “You don't have any clothes on ?” 

Feng ShiNiang laughed, and said: "Do you take a bath with your clothes on ?” 

The blind man said, “Good, we will wait for you to put your clothes back on.” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “Since you already cannot see me, why should I put my clothes back on ?” 

Her eyes drifted, she sighed again, “It is really a pity for you all, I am really such an attractive woman taking a bath, you are unexpectedly cannot see, this is really a regrettable matter.” 

The blind man coldly said, “It is not regrettable.” 

Feng ShiNiang answered: "Not regrettable ?” 

The blind man said: "A blind man are also human, although a blind man cannot see, a blind man can feel, not only a blind man call feel, but a blind man can do many other things.” 

What he just said was actually an obscene speech but his facial expression was extremely serious. 

Because what he said was the truth. 

Feng ShiNiang suddenly felt colder, she was aware of this type of people, but decided to persuade the matter by speaking further. 

The blind man said again, “Therefore you better be serious, we ask you to put your clothes on, you better put them on immediately.” 

Feng ShiNiang replied: "You want me to do what ?” 

The blind man said, “We want you to follow and walk with us.” 

Feng ShiNiang asked: "I have eyes, instead you want to follow a person without eyes ?” 

The blind man answered, “Correct.” 

Feng ShiNiang asked, “Regardless of where you are going, I have to follow you to wherever you are going ?” 

The blind man answered, “Correct.” 

Feng ShiNiang asked, “If you fall into a pit full of shit, I still have to follow you jump inside.” 

His expression unexpectedly became really serious, Feng ShiNiang could not bear a smile again. 

The blind man said, “We are not joking around.” 

Feng Shi Niang answered, “But I actually think it's very funny.” 

The blind man replied, “Very funny ?” 

Feng Shi Niang said, “Why do you think I can listen to your speech ?” 

The blind man replied, “Why not.” 

Feng Shi Niang asked, “Although you are blind, but you are not deaf, haven't you heard that when Feng ShiNiang is taking a bath, her body can also equally become a murderous sharp weapon, she can equally kill people ?” 

The blind man said, “We've heard it.” 

Feng ShiNiang asked, “But you are not afraid at all ?” 

The blind man said, “Are you saying to us that the world hasn't already had fearful matter ?” 

Feng ShiNiang asked, “Do you all not afraid of death ?” 

The blind man replied, “We don't need to fear death.” 

Feng ShiNiang asked, “Why ?” 

The blind man suddenly had a very strange expression on his face, he said "Because we all have already died before.” 

Nobody can die twice. 

The originality of his sentence might sounded very ridiculous, but when it was said from the blind man's mouth, people would not think it's absurd, because what he said it's the truth. 

Feng ShiNiang suddenly felt extremely cold, as if she was sitting down on a cold water which quickly turning into ice. 

But if she could be easily frighten by them, obdiently putting on her clothes to walk with them, then she wasn't Feng ShiNiang. 

Feng ShiNiang took a deep breath and said, “Whoever peeps at me while I'm taking a bath will definitely have their eyes blinded, it's a pity that you are all blind men already.” 

The blind man coldly said, “It's a pity indeed.” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “Luckily, although I don't have a way to make you blind again, yet I actually want you to die again.” 

Her hand lightly made a brushing move, like delicate jade orchid, suddenly sparks of silver lights flew in all direction. 

Feng ShiNiang certainly didn't like to kill people, but there were times when not killing became impossible, her hands were no longer soft. 

Although her silver needles were not as famous as the Shen's family golden needles by much, she also only seldom missed. 

14 silver needles were sent out, separately aiming at the direction of seven blind men's throats.

The seven blind man suddenly raised their hands which were holding the fans, swung, the 14 silver needles suddenly had disappeared. 

Only seven fan handles appeared, all had the same six characters written on them : 


All were red characters, apparently written in blood 

Regardless of who was willing to write on the fan with blood, it certainly showed an absolute determination that couldn't be changed, as well as unafraid to let people know. 

Feng ShiNiang sighed and painstakingly said with a smile, “What a pity for Xiao Shiyi Lang, why do people always want this man to die ?” 

The blind mand coldly said, “Because he deserves to die.” 

Feng ShiNiang, “Do you all have grudges with him ?” 

This blind man had changed his facial expression, full of poisonious hatred and deep animosity. 

He didn't need to reply, regardless of wether anyone was able to see, the hatred between them was extremely profound. 

Feng ShiNiang said, “Could it be that your eyes, because he blinded your eyes ?” 

The blind man resented, “As I said, we have all died.” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “Oh ?” 

The blind man said, “Because we are now no longer the men we were before, those men have died in the hands of Xiao Shiyi Lang!" 

Feng ShiNiang said, “What kind of men were you before ?” 

The blind man said, “Before we were actually well-known men, but now we are no more than just blind men.” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “So you all want him to die himself ?” 

The blind man said, “Absolutely.” 

Feng ShiNiang laughed once again and said, “In this case, you should try to look for him, why come to me, I am not his mother.” 

This blind person coldly said, “Why have you come here ?” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “This place is Mt. Luan Shi (Mount Jumbled Rocks), Mt. Luan Shi is the headquarter for bandits, I also happened to have a bandit friend.” 

The blind man said, “Fast knife Hua Ping ?” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “You also know him ?” 

The blind man sneered, “Who has not heard of the notorious GuanZhong robber gang in jiang hu ?” 

Feng ShiNiang took a breath of relief and said, “Since you already have known him, you should let me look for him.” 

The blind man said, “No need to.” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “No need to ? What do you mean no need to ?” 

The blind man said, “It means if you want to meet him, I can call him to come anytime.” 

Feng ShiNiang laughed and said, “Does it mean that he also listens to your order ?” 

The blind man said, “Because he also knew that blind men also kill people.” 

He suddenly waved his hands and lowered his voice, “Send Hua Ping in.” 

Before he barely finished his words, something from outside the door flew inside, Feng ShiNiang extended her hand to catch it, unexpectedly it was an ebony box. 

Feng ShiNiang said, “It looks like this is the only box.” 

The blind man said, “Yes.” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “Hua Ping certainly didn't look like a box.” 

Hua Ping certainly is not a box, Hua Ping is a person. 

The blind man said, “Why don't you open the box and take a look ?” 

Feng ShiNiang said with a smile, “Could it be that Hua Ping can hide inside the box ?” 

Her laughed suddenly stopped after she opened the box. 

It certainly wasn't a person inside the box, but a hand, a right hand dripping with blood. 

Hua Ping's hand. 

Hua Ping has lost his hands. 

A knife, certainly needed a hand to grip it on. 

Someone with a famous knife skills, two of his hands had been cut off, how did he exactly go down ? 

Feng ShiNiang sighed and said with sad voice, “Apparently, I am afraid that I won't be able to see this person anymore.” 

The blind man said, “Now you ought to understand, if you want someone to die, you must chop his head off.” 

Feng ShiNiang nodded, she really understood. 

The blind man said, “Therefore we only want to destroy your face, you will be as good as dead.” 

Feng ShiNiang said, “Therefore it's best for me to obediently put on my clothes and walk with you.” 

The blind man said, “Correct.” 

Feng ShiNiang suddenly laughed and said, “You are all blind eye bastards, you really have looked at the wrong person, neither have you heard that Feng Shi Shiang have lived for 30........ years. Can you understand this logic ?” 

When she cursed at people, she also laughed very sweetly, this blind person was actually getting startled by her scolding. 

FengShiNang said, “If you wish to invite me to go anywhere, at least you should first smell my horse fart, then look for a sedan chair to lift me on, perhaps I might consider then.” 

She didn't have to say another word again. 

At the same time, a a strange bamboo blowing sound suddenly heard from the mountain valley. 

After that, a sound "ding" came from outside the door. 

The blind men frowned and suddenly, four of them dashed inside, coming to stand next to the wooden tub. With a "du" sound, they poked its edges and inserted two poles to use them as support when they carried the wooden tub out. 

As though they were palanquin carriers, these four people prepared to lift up the tub with Feng SiNiang inside. 

Moving their hands together and simultaneously raising their feet, the four people passed through the door and arrived outside. 

Outside the door stood a person, facing the blue sky, watching bits of stone underneath the white clouds. In his hand was a short stick. 

Though he was not blind, one of his legs was crippled. 

With a gentle downwards stroke, the short stick in his hand struck a piece of rock and again the "ding" sound was heard, creating four sparks of light. 

This short stick was actually made of iron. 

Lowering his short stick, the person paused, 78 feet away, but his eyes continued to rove around until they came to rest on Feng's head. 

Feng sighed, muttering, "I never thought there would come a time when I would meet a gentleman. And it looks as though this gentleman has never seen a woman while she's bathing either.” 

The mountain breeze blew and the sleeves of the cripple fluttered. In the wink of an eye, he was able to arrive at an extremely far distance. 

This person had a handicapped leg, yet unexpectedly he could travel faster than any man walking on two legs. 

The four blind people carried the tub with Feng inside, two people taking the left side while the other two taking the right. The rest followed behind. Although the path was rugged, they were nevertheless able to walk on steadily, splashing not a single drop of water from inside the tub. 

That short cripple arrived at the top of an incline and made the "ding" sound, and they immediately followed. 

Feng finally understood. 

'The cripple is their guide. ' 

Undoubtedly, he knew that there was a naked, stunningly beautiful woman behind so he would not be able to help but turn around and look. But this man proved to be a true gentleman, determined only to maintain his status, not permitting himself to give in to the kind of idle talk most men have. 

Could it be that this person's status was extremely high? 

Could it be that he has also died once? 

At the end of the cliff, the mountain breeze turned cold. 

Feng SiNiang started to regret and thought that she should have worn her clothes first. 

Now, she was feeling really very cold, yet she could not just leap out of the tub and run around the place naked. 

Moreover, she really wanted to know: Where were these strange blind people bringing her? And what did they want her to do? 

Her curiosity was piqued. 

She had always been the kind of woman who enjoyed excitement and liked taking risks. 

But the blind people kept their mouths tightly shut. 

Feng could not stand it anymore. "Hey," she called. "The one-legged gentleman in front. Since you are a gentleman, why don't you take off your clothes for me to wear?” 

But the cripple did not turn his head. Not only was he a cripple, but it appeared as though he was a deaf person as well. 

Feng thought this was not unusual. If there were mute people who were blind, then there should also be deaf people who were lame. 

The path on the mountain was originally going down, but after passing through a level area in the mountains, it was suddenly winding upwards. 

Thereupon was a maple forest. The maple leaves already wore the red color of autumn. 

Openly ignoring her companions, Feng started humming a verse in a low voice, "Stopping, [we] love to sit at night under a maple tree, [when] the red leaves of autumn bloom in February....” 

Suddenly, the gentle silver bell-laughter of someone came from the maple forest. "Feng SiNiang is really Feng SiNiang. Even in this kind of time, she is unexpectedly still in the mood for humming poetry.” 

From her voice like the golden orioles in the valley, the speaker should be a very pretty and charming young girl. 

That cripple was originally preparing to enter the maple forest when suddenly he dashed forward and soared high into the air before flipping over. "Who are you?” He shouted in a deep voice, as his body fell. 

When he dropped to the ground, he unexpectedly ended up right behind Feng SiNiang. But he did not dare look at Feng SiNiang and neither did he allow her to see him. 

The blind people's footsteps also stopped, their faces showing tensed expressions. 

From the maple forest, the laughter continued like the ringing of silver bells. When it stopped, a young girl wearing a comb on her big glossy black braid came out, smiling. 

With autumn's setting sun reflected on her fair face, she was a portrait of spring flowered. 

Feng could not help blurting out, "What a pretty little girl...” 

This young girl smiled delicately and said, "Compared to Feng SiNiang, this little girl is but an ugly monster.” 

"Seems like you're also bright," Feng replied, flattered. "Pretty little girl, you are not with this strange group, are you?” 

The young girl bowed gracefully and said, "I am Xin Xin. I'm here to deliver these clothes to Feng SiNiang.” 

"Xin Xin, that's a good name. Simple and beautiful like its owner.” 

Happy with this thought, Feng sat up. 

She saw that this Xin Xin girl was holding out a golden tray in her hands, on top of which were bolts of expensive clothes and brightly-colored garments. 

"Although we don't know what Feng SiNiang's garment size is, we thought someone with such good figure would look attractive no matter what clothes she wears," Xin Xin informed, smiling. 

"Such good manners in a young girl," Feng said, "you will certainly find a pleasant young gentleman in the future.” 

Xin Xin blushed, shaking her head and saying, "The good intention was not my idea. It's our family's Honorable Hua.” 

"Honorable Hua?” Feng asked. 

"He knew Feng SiNiang was in a hurry and had no time to put on clothes," Xin Xin replied. "The mountain winds are strong. He's afraid Feng SiNiang might get cold so he sent me to give you these clothes.” 

Feng stepped. "Looks like this Honorable Hua is actually a very considerate person.” 

Xin Xin bit her lip, smiling. "Not only is he considerate, he's also very gentle.” 

Feng said, "But how come I don't recognize this Honorable Hua?” 

"Right now, you don't, but later you'll be able to," Xin Xin said, smiling. 

Feng smiled, too, saying, "Right, who wants to know right away? As long as he is a good, considerate man, no woman would object to speaking with him.” 

Smiling sweetly, Xin Xin said, "Honorable Hua only hopes that Feng SiNiang could remember someone like him.” 

"I absolutely can’t forget," Feng answered. 

Taking two steps forward, the young girl held out the tray for her to take. 

"Stop!" The cripple suddenly shouted. 

When the young girl did not answer, Feng looked back and asked, "What do you want?” 

But the cripple paid her no heed. Instead, he said to Xin Xin, "This Honorable Hua, you say, is he Hua RuYu?” 

His voice was so low and deeply hoarse that it was difficult to understand. 

"Besides Hua RuYu, is there another in this world who is as considerate as Honorable Hua?” Xin Xin retorted. 

"Where is he?” The cripple asked. 

"You want to know his business?” Xin Xin said. "Don't tell me you want to go and look for him.” 

The cripple looked scared at that, unable to stop himself from taking two steps back. 

"I thought so," Xin Xin said smugly. "Since you don't want to look for him, then it's useless for me to tell you.” 

The cripple took a deep breath, before saying harshly, "Return these clothes. Hua RuYu has touched them, it's poisonous. We don't want it.” 

"You don't want it, but I want it!" Feng interjected. 

Xin Xin said, "Since Feng SiNiang wants it, do you still insist on returning these clothes?” 

He started to approach the girl, but when he reached for the clothes, he hesitated, looking fearful. 

Xin Xin smiled faintly. "What are you afraid of? Even if a person's appearance is so terrible, he wouldn't dare to stop you....” 

The cripple suddenly let out a sneer, the hand holding his short stick moving like lightning, heading straight for her throat. 

This one was rapidly made as though imitating some type of fierce sword style. Not only was the sword style extremely high, but also the stance used was extremely deadly. 

He unexpectedly used this kind of fierce style to do harm to a sixteen, seventeen year-old girl. Feng already thought this was not pleasing to the eyes. 

When Feng thought a person's act is not pleasing to the eyes, sooner or later that person would find bad luck. 

Who knew this person was actually looking for bad luck? 

As his stick thrust out, Xin Xin suddenly bent downwards, following the direction of his movement like fish in the water before moving away just as quickly. 

Feng started. From her looks, she had never expected the young girl to have such good kung fu. 

However, instead of changing directions, the cripple only shifted his body, performing the "Falling Dozen Golden Bells (Dao3 Da2 Jin1 Zhong1).” His short stick stopped, then moved downwards, targeting the ribs. 

Xin Xin laughed coldly. "This is your first move. Then, you must be looking for bad luck. Don't blame me for giving it.” 

(NOTE: In the stance Falling Dozen Golden Bells, the same character for "dao3" is used in "dao3 mei2," which in Xin Xin's speech roughly means "looking for bad luck.” She's basically mocking him, but the words do not translate. ) 

After these three sentences were finished, the cripple attacked, launching 15 moves. With the short stick in his hand used like a sword, his sword style vicious and cruel, undoubtedly his skills belonged to that of a first-class swordsman. 

However, Xin Xin easily evaded him, smoothly slipping away. Then, suddenly, four daggers, shot out of her hand, emitting a cool light. 

The cripple was making his 16th move when Xin Xin lifted her hand as though to pull up her sleeve. Instead, a "ding" sound was heard and the short stick made of steel broke under the force of the saber in her hand. 

"Didn't I say you are only looking for bad luck?” Xin Xin said, smiling. "Do you believe me now?” 

Although her smile was adorable, it was actually very fearsome, like the cold sheen of her daggers flying towards him. 

The cripple's iron stick was three feet in length, but after Feng put on the bright-colored embroidered gown in the fastest manner possible, what was left was only one foot and two or three inches. 

The shining daggers enshrouded him from all sides. If all these daggers pierced him, it would be fatal. At first, Feng had worried for Xin Xin, but now she found herself a little worried for him instead. 

Not only did she dislike killing people, she also disliked witnessing others getting killed in front of her. 

Moreover, the sword style used by this cripple was very familiar so she thought she must know him. 

But this girl had only good intentions in delivering these clothes. She could not help what the cripple said. 

What was strange was how these seven blind people were not even worried and instead just stood there motionless, guarding, appearing like seven wooden statues. 

All of a sudden, a "chi" sound rang out as a thin strip of blood splashed. On the cripple's shoulder was a seven, eight-inch gash and his mouth was splattered with blood. 

Xin Xin let out a wicked laugh, saying, "You kowtow to me like a good child and call me 'Third Great Aunt. ' And I'll spare you.” 

The cripple launched another seven moves. Again there was a "ding" sound as the one-foot long short stick in his hand was cut anew -- cutting off a section of it. 

It was doubtless that in Jianghu, he was considered a first-class swordsman. But in front of this young girl, his sword style was easily reduced to eighth-class. 

Not only were Xin Xin's stances fast, the variations of her style was also very cunning and ingenious so that each attack against a person was inconceivable. 

Feng honestly never thought that at such a young age, she could practice such kung fu. 

"I ask you," Xin Xin was saying. "Are you ready to give up?” 

The cripple abruptly issued a ferocious howl, hurling the short stick in his hand to the ground, before extending two of his fingers in a fierce stance, rushing to grab Xin Xin's throat. 

Appearing stunned and startled by his savage cry, Xin Xin did not use the saber in her hand. 

Both his hands were rushing towards her face. 

But Xin Xin only smiled, saying softly, "You're really willing to kill me?” 

Not only was her smile as soft and bright as spring flowered, but it was also as sweet as honey. 

Mesmerized, the cripple's hand actually slowed down. Then, all at once, Xin Xin's smile turned cold like snow as the shining blade of the saber headed straight for his throat. 

He was not willing to kill this young girl, but this girl was apparently willing to kill in the blink of an eye. 

At that moment, a fierce wind suddenly blew from the maple forest as a four or five-feet long whip lashed out like a huge snake. Another fierce wind and the whip's tip lightly brushed against Xin Xin's wrist, sending the saber flying off her hand. 

After that, her body was thrown off and spun four or five times in midair before falling back down, where she rolled several more times on the ground before managing to come to a halt. The hand that had been holding the saber was now red and swollen. 

Feng herself also used a whip. 

She knew that the longer a whip was, the more difficult it was to control. 

Not only did she not know that there was such a long whip, but also that such a flexible one existed. 

No matter who can use such a long whip and move it with such dexterity, he must certainly be someone of formidable character. 

She suddenly thought that today was an extremely unlucky day. Today, she was going to meet someone who was very formidable and frightening. 

As she waited for him to arrive, only then did she realize that the person's appearance truly was frightening. 

This expert was really weird, a monster among monsters. 

For Xin Xin, today was indeed an extremely unlucky day.

Clutching with her other hand the swollen one that had been struck, the pain was already enough to make her want to cry. However, when she saw this person, she was so afraid she really did want to cry, but she dared not do so. 

This person neither walked nor rode on a carriage. And he certainly did not crawl. 

He was sitting on the head of a person. The person he was sitting on was a giant, with the big head of a Han and a body that was 9 feet tall, bare-chested and wearing a large hat. 

The hat was shaped like a square table and on its flat surface sat the man, wearing an embroidered gown which revealed a flying bird-pattern in five different colors, but the left sleeve was empty. 

His face was not hideous even with his pale complexion. His carriage was proud, his eyes bright and shining, and on top his head of jet-black hair sat a crown of precious pearls. 

As a matter of fact, if one only looked at his face, one can even say that he was a very handsome man. 

However, his body seemed to emanate a dark cloud. After a careful look, one could see that he was actually not sitting down but standing up, supported on two stumps where his legs were cut off. Out of this person's four limbs, his single right hand was the only one that remained. He was clutching the five-feet long whip with this right hand. 

Feng gasped, thinking that today really was a very unlucky day. 

The blood drained from Xin Xin's face. All of a sudden, she said in a loud voice, "He was the one who made the first move. If you don't believe me, you can ask him!" 

This person gave her a cold stare. After a long time, he nodded slowly. "I know," he said. 

His voice, too, was unexpectedly clear and bright with a very pleasing tone. If not for his handicap, he would obviously be very attractive to women. 

Xin Xin said, "I'm only here at Honorable Hua's request, to deliver these clothes to Feng SiNiang.” 

"I know," the person said. 

Xin Xin breathed a sigh of relief. Forcing a smile, she said, "Since you know everything, then I can go.” 

"You can go," the person replied. 

Without another word, Xin Xin turned around. 

When this person did not try to stop her, Feng could not help thinking that he was not as terrible as he looked. 

Who knew that barely had Xin Xin rushed into the maple forest when she suddenly returned. Originally, her right arm was already swollen, now it turned out that her legs were swollen as well. Her face, which used to be bright like spring flowered, had also turned ashen. She hissed, "There's poison on your whip?” 

"You're correct," the person replied. 

"How....” Xin Xin started to say. "How do I remedy it?” 

The person said, "Do you know how I lost both my legs and one arm?” 

Xin Xin shook her head. 

"I cut them off," the person said. 

"Why did you cut off your hand?” Xin Xin asked. 

"Because my hand was hit by someone else's poison," he answered. 

Xin Xin looked like she was struck with a whip. She froze and said in a perplexed voice, "You... You're saying you want me to become handicapped?” 

This person said coldly, "Why not? Every person here is already handicapped.” 

Pointing at the person in front, Xin Xin said, "He's not handicapped.” All of a sudden, this person opened his mouth to smile. 

Xin Xin was startled. 

This person had four limbs. He was not blind nor was he lame. However, he actually did not have a tongue in his mouth. 

Xin Xin looked up at him, and suddenly tears streamed down her face. "You really want to cut off my hand?” She asked. 

The person answered, "If the hand is poisoned, it must be cut off. If the leg is poisoned, it must be cut off.” 

Xin Xin burst into tears and said, "But.... But I don't want to.” 

"If you don't," the person said, "then you'll die in three hours.” 

Unable to stop herself, Feng interrupted, "How can she follow you? She is a woman.” 

The person answered coldly, "A woman is also human.” 

"You're human, too, how come you're sitting on someone's head?” Feng retorted. 

The person said, "Because I am a top dog.” 

(NOTE: Pinyin for "top dog" is shang4 ren4 which literally means "top man.” Get the pun? ) 

"A top dog?” Feng repeated. 

"If you can endure bitter hardships, then you're a top dog," the person said. 

"You have endured bitter hardships?” Feng asked. 

The person answered, "If you've experienced cutting off your own two legs and your hand, then you'll know what kind of hardships I have endured.” 

Feng had no choice but to agree. This person had indeed endured bitter hardships.

27th Chapter - Monster Among Monster

So he really was a top dog. 

The four daggers dropped to the ground, rolling near Xin Xin's feet. 

Xin Xin slowly bent at the waist. After picking up the daggers, she looked tearfully at Feng SiNiang and said, "Now, you see what kind of man he is.” 

"I suspected as much," Feng said through gritted teeth. 

"Because he is handicapped, he wants others to suffer the same fate as he did. But if I....” Xin Xin said, pausing before continuing, "... if I have to cut off this hand, I won't let him watch.” 

With that, she abruptly turned around and walked off. 

Feng stamped her foot and said angrily, "You really want this beautiful child to look like you. Because you only have one arm, you want to spoil other people's happiness by making them suffer as you did?” 

She never shouted at others, but she couldn't stop her eyes from becoming red-rimmed. 

The top dog studied her for a moment. Then, he observed coldly, "I never expected Feng SiNiang to be the soft sort.” 

Feng returned his stare, saying tonelessly, "If you cut off your remaining hand, then I have no reason to feel uncomfortable.” 

"You feel sorry for her?” The top dog asked. 

"Naturally," Feng replied. 

The top dog said, "Do you know what kind of person she is?” 

"She is a woman," Feng said, "as I am.” 

"Those clothes you're wearing," the top dog said. "Did she give you those?” 

"Yes," Feng answered. 

"Then you'd better take them off," the top dog told her. 

"Take them off?” Feng repeated. 

"Take off those clothes," the top dog said again. 

Feng gave him a knowing smirk, saying, "You want to look while I take them off?” 

"--- of course, you have to take all of them off," the top dog reasoned. 

Suddenly, Feng lashed out, "You're dreaming!" 

The top dog sighed. "You don't want to take them off," he said tonelessly. "Would you rather I do it for you?” 

"Do you dare?” Feng challenged. 

Sighing again, the top dog said, "If I don't even dare to take off a woman's clothes, is there anything else I do dare?” 

Gently he raised his hand and all of a sudden his long whip lashed out, curling around Feng's body like a viper. 

Feng had never seen such a terrible whip. Barely did this whip enter her vision when its tip suddenly coiled around her, amid her clothes. 

It seemed this whip itself could take off a woman's clothes. 

Already rolled up in Feng's clothes, just one light pull of this whip and the bright, embroidered gown could rip up in half. 

When Feng wanted to undress, she did it by herself. There was not a single man in the world who could take them off for her. 

But it appeared that this was going to be an exception. 

Already not daring to grasp this whip, it was also too late for her to dodge. 

The tip of the whip barely stroked Xin Xin's hand, yet immediately afterwards Feng saw with her own eyes how it swelled up and had to be cut off. 

Although she was not willing to let this person take off her clothes, she was also not willing to cut off her own hand. 

A "shhh" sound could be heard as the front of her clothes was ripped. 

"Wait, wait!" Feng abruptly exclaimed. "Let me take them off myself.” 

"You will?” The top dog said. 

"Such pretty clothes. What excuse is there to tear them to pieces?” Feng conjectured. 

This scholarly person spoke, "Feng SiNiang is also fond of peasant clothes?” 

"Feng SiNiang is also a woman," Feng demurred. "Is there a woman who isn't fond of pretty clothes?” 

"Right," the top dog agreed. "Then, undress.” 

The whip in his hand seemed to have a life of its own. As soon as he stopped talking, it immediately loosened its grip. 

With a deep sighed, Feng muttered, "Really, when an old woman like me takes off her clothes, people think nothing of it. But you --- you're asking me to do it, then I have to do it. What else can I do?” 

She was slowly undoing two buttons of her clothes when suddenly she sent a kick towards the bare shoulders of that giant Han's belly. 

To shoot down a person, you must first shoot down his horse. If only this giant Han fell, then surely the top dog would fall down as well. And even if he did not fall dead, then at least that would not give him enough time to try to take off her clothes again. 

Feng's martial arts foundation was not that formidable. Her formidability did not come from martial arts. 

She always came and went as she pleased, mingled around in Jianghu for several years. If she relied solely on her martial arts, then no doubt her clothes would have long been taken off by countless men. 

Although her feet looked extremely delicate, they have nevertheless kicked to death three would-be assailants and a mountain cat. 

Furthermore, she had once seized the great bandit of Mount Qilian, Man Tianyun (Cloudy Sky) and kicked him off a ten thousand-foot cliff. 

The force behind her kick was therefore not puny. But who knew that when she kicked this big Han's belly, he would not even budge? Not only that, but it appeared that he did not even feel anything. The effect was like drawing water from a dry well. 

Inversely, it was Feng who felt pain in her leg. 

Though surprised, she was still able to retract her kick. After transferring her weight to that leg, she immediately turned around and dashed off. 

"If you can’t beat them, then run away.” 

A person who has roamed around Jianghu for many years cannot deny the truth of this statement. 

But she also knew that this trick did never work.

She heard the sound of rushing wind as the whip flew towards her, coiling like a serpent's tail. She was fast, but the whip was even faster. 

At that moment, there was the swift twang of a bowstring, and suddenly two silver flashes of light flew, striking the whip. In an instant, the long whip held by the man sagged to the ground, resembling a quartered seven-inch viper. 

"Trying to take a woman's clothes off in broad daylight and on the main road," a man calmly spoke from outside the maple forest. "One cannot ignore such an inexcusable transgression of the Wulin laws.” 

Feng was by then sitting on a branch of the maple tree she had climbed earlier. As it so happened, she was able to get a good view of this person. 

This person was tall with a large head, bright red face, and long silver hair that hinted at his age. He was wearing a large red cloak, which sharply contrasted with the long golden bow strapped to his back and reflecting the glint of the sun. 

His entire body sparkled and shone under the light. 

Watching him approach, Feng saw that his face had several wrinkles, revealing the unexpected fact that he was already old. 

But when he spoke, his voice was like the tolling of a bell. His bearing was also high, straight and proud like a spear. He sported an entirely powerful build. 

Feng had never met such a youthful old person. 

By the time he finished talking, the two silver flashes of light also fell where it struck the ground and rolled back and forth for a bit. These two silver granules were about the size of a dragon's eyes. 

The top dog took one look at these two silver pellets before he wrinkled his brow and said, "Golden bow, silver pellet, tiger-beheading saber?” 

"Chase the clouds, capture the moon, floating on water," the silver-haired gentleman recited. 

The top dog asked, "Li QingFeng?” 

The silver-haired gentleman laughed abruptly. "I have been away from Jianghu for thirty years," he declared. "I can’t believe there are still those that remember me.” 

His booming laughter was loud enough to crack stone, and the sound seemed to reverbrate through the whole forest, making the leaves shiver and the ground shake. 

Even Feng nearly fell off the tree. 

She had never met this person, but she actually recognized him. 

"Golden bow, silver pellet, tiger-beheading saber, chase the clouds, capture the moon, floating on water.” She was just a newborn baby when Li QingFeng roamed Jianghu. 

And when she came of age, Li QingFeng had long retired. For the past thirty years, no one had seen him. 

However, Feng knew that there was a man like him in Jianghu and she also knew that his skills equalled those of current Wulin heroes. Working alone, he was considered as the most famous out of all the lone great bandits. 

If Xiao Shiyi Lang had not come after him, he would have held the title of Jianghu's greatest lone bandit for almost a hundred years. 

It was said that he once visited the capital. In the capital, daughters of wealthy families took only one look at him and that same night they left their windows ajar as they sat there, waiting for midnight when they would open the windows for him. 

Feng always thought this was just a story. 

But now, she thought there might be some truth to it. 

For someone over sixty years old, he had a certain air about him and his carriage was refined. If he was thirty years younger, Feng would have joined the others in leaving their windows open at night to wait for him. 

Like what she often did when she waited by the window for Xiao Shiyi Lang. 

Li QingFeng suddenly raised his head to look at her. "Are you Feng SiNiang?” He asked. 

"You have been away from Jianghu for thirty years," Feng said. "I can’t believe you recognize Feng SiNiang.” 

"Well," Li QingFeng replied. "Feng SiNiang certainly lives up to her reputation. If I knew that there was someone like Feng SiNiang in Jianghu, I would have returned ten years earlier.” 

"If I knew where you were, I would have looked for you ten years ago," Feng told him. 

Li QingFeng laughed and said, "What a pity that I came a decade too late.” 

"Who said you were late?” Feng said, smiling. "You came right on time.” 

Li QingFeng's eyes flashed. He said, "Was that monster bothering you? Now that I'm here, what do you want me to do with him? Tell me.” 

Feng rolled her eyes, saying, "He wants me to take off my clothes. But I think he only wants me to do that because he wants to look.” 

Li QingFeng laughed. "Then, that's why you are up that tree, right?” 

He was still laughing when suddenly he drew out his saber. That saber weighed 57 catties - the tiger-beheading saber. The saber swung, aiming for the maple tree in front of him. 

There was a huge clamor as the maple tree crashed down, struck by his saber, emitting a noise that was similar to that of a bowl being broken. 

Lucky for Feng, she was some distance away, but she could not help saying, "The tree wasn't bullying you. Why did you cut it down?” 

"It was in my way," Li QingFeng replied. 

"So regardless of who or what is in your way, you have to strike it down?” Feng asked. 

"That's right," Li QingFeng answered. 

Feng sighed, muttering, "One can’t find a man like him these days. Otherwise, how could a woman like me remain single?” 

When she said this, her voice was just loud enough for Li QingFeng to hear. 

Looking pleased, and looking younger because of it, Li QingFeng took an unhurried step over the fallen tree. 

The top dog gazed at him coldly. Then he said smoothly, "A man of your age, showing off his power to impress a woman, now that is unusual.” 

Li QingFeng's face sank. "You don't agree?” 

"I'm only amazed how a man like you could still be alive," the top dog replied. 

"You're lucky you only met me today," Li QingFeng said in a harsh tone. "If this moment happened thirty years ago, you would have died under my saber.” 

The top dog said, "So now you only want to take my clothes off. Then, afterwards, you and Feng SiNiang will take a walk.” 

"I intended to cut off one of your hands," Li QingFeng told him. "What a pity you only have one hand left.” 

"This hand is not used to take people's clothes off," the top dog informed. 

Li QingFeng sneered. "Is it for killing people?” 

"It hasn't killed many," the top dog said, "but it can kill.” 

And with that, his hand flicked and the long whip lashed forward like a viper, rolling towards Li QingFeng.

Li QingFeng's tiger-beheading saber also slashed forward. 

One weapon was soft while the other was hard. Yet, even soft weapons could overcome hard weapons like Li QingFeng's tiger-beheading saber. 

All of a sudden, the whip coiled around his saber, circling seven to eight times. Then, that bare-chested big Han took two steps forward; a single palm was headed straight for his chest. 

Although that big Han looked very clumsy, he was nevertheless able to smoothly dodge the attack. His style revealed not a bit of brazenness, yet it was extremely powerful and extraordinarily effective. 

Li QingFeng held on to his tangled saber at the same time he raised his left hand holding the golden bow, using its bowstring to block the big Han's attack. A "dang" sound was heard. The big Han's iron fist was cut and blood flowed out from his wrist. 

The bowstring was actually as sharp as a saber's point. 

The big Han howled. He extended his hand to grab the bow. But who would have thought that Li QingFeng would suddenly shift? The tip of his bow struck downwards towards the big Han's chest. 

The big Han's body was like iron being struck. He struggled but he could not stop himself from falling down. If he fell, then no doubt the top dog would fall as well. But who would have thought that the top dog would suddenly soar into the air, flying over Li QingFeng's head? 

At first, Li QingFeng thought he could deal with this person. Then unexpectedly, this person suddenly divided into two, one in front and one behind him. 

He frowned. A section of the four-foot long whip was winding towards his neck. 

Unfazed by the danger, he let his tiger-beheading saber drop. At first, the long whip was as tight as the string of a bow. Now, it was coiled around the saber, tugging hard at it. 

Watching the two of them exchange several moves, one could see that although their stances were not fancy, the variations in their styles were so swiftly executed that if you were not paying attention from the sidelines, you would surely miss them. 

If you were watching, you would not want to miss anything. 

What a pity that the seven blind people were the only ones in the sidelines. Although the cripple was not blind, he actually had his back turned. His face showed worry as he searched for Feng SiNiang. 

Feng SiNiang? 

Feng had unexpectedly disappeared. 

Sometimes this woman indeed resembled the equally elusive wind.

The spring river was like a silver thread, flowing down the mountain summit. 

The setting sun lit up the sky. 

Feng sat on a slab of rock, preparing to soak both feet in the cool, clear waters of the spring river. 

This delicate and beautiful pair of feet, she had always taken very good care of them, leaving not a single scar in sight. 

She often liked to look at her feet, and also knew that most men very much liked to look at them. 

However, this pair of feet had just a moment ago endured the sharp rocks in the mountain and several sharp broken twigs. 

So now, not only did her feet hurt very much, but her heart hurt as well. 

Li QingFeng was not a loathsome man; he even saved her. It seemed she had no reason for complaint. 

But Feng had actually discovered that he, too, had no good intentions. 

Not only was he very forward with her, he also seemed ready to carry her off against her will. 

He figured that if he could defeat the top dog and his servant, then he could face Feng without much resistance. 

Feng did not really want those weird disabled people and the cripple watch as her bright clothes were taken off. 

No one in this world wanted other people to watch as one's clothes were taken off. 

"Since these two people are both good-for-nothings, why not let dog bite dog?” 

And that was why as soon as she had the opportunity, Feng did not stay to see what happened. 

She figured that if these two fought each other over mere trifles, then she wouldn't bother watching even with just one eye. 

One look was all it took for Feng to understand things, being a very intelligent woman. Never had she made an error in judgment and that was why no man had ever outwitted her into taking off her clothes. 

But for her, today really was a very unlucky day. 

Today, not only did she find herself in many unfortunate situations, but each of these situations was strange. 

The spring river was clear and cold. From her feet, the coldness traveled straight to her heart. 

After forging through the confusing rocky mountains, she luckily came upon this place. Although she did not stop to ask anyone for directions, she still managed to arrive here. 

Her whereabouts, like the wind, always eluded a man's grasp. 

However, at present, there were at least three people looking for her -- Hua Ruyu, Ren Shangren (the top dog), and Li QingFeng. 

How could they know she was here? How could they know she would end up here? 

Feng had always been the kind of woman who was extremely fond of leisure. She could bear anything, even hardships. 

It was unlikely that a person of low martial arts could withstand such hardships. Fortunately, she was very intelligent. Although she could sometimes be quite fierce, she never really held deep hatred towards others. 

That was exactly why she was intelligent. 

She was not only intelligent, but also very beautiful, so she always had many powerful friends. 

She could be rude and spiteful like an old b**h, and then be soft and gentle like a dove. 

Sometimes, she was as artless as an infant and sometimes she was as sly as a fox. 

With such changes in one woman where nothing she did seemed real, who would want to annoy her? 

Yet, today there were actually three people looking for her. What's more, they were three very extraordinary people. 

Perhaps, some women would feel very flattered by this, but Feng was no ordinary woman. 

She knew that a person cruel enough to cut off his own pair of legs and hand, when looking for a woman, it would not be because he wanted to remove her clothes. 

A famous great bandit who disappeared from Jianghu 30 years ago, but if he was experienced at pleasing women, certainly he would not be so struck by a woman's beauty. 

They had been looking for her. But why?

Feng thought it over, only to come up with one person who was the cause of all this -- Xiao Shiyi Lang, Xiao Shiyi Lang, the vexing Xiao Shiyi Lang. Why must he always trouble her so? 

It seemed this person was born only to look for trouble. If others did not give him trouble, then he would go look for it himself. 

The first time Feng saw him, she already knew he was trouble. 

That time, he was only a teenager. He was trying to fight his way against the thundering current, climbing his way up Longjiao Falls. 

He tried again and again even after falling on his head, making him go dizzy and his fancy clothes torn and bloodied. Still, he went on as though he was trying to prove something. But what was it that he was trying to prove? 

Besides being foolish, it was a crazy thing to do. 

Even Feng sometimes thought that he was foolish, but he was no fool. 

Not only that, he was also intelligent. 

He only did one foolish thing after another not because he wanted to but because he was compelled to do so. 

So, was this person stupid? Or was he intelligent? Admirable? Or hateful? Everyone seemed undecided, even Feng SiNiang. 

All she knew was that she could never forget him. 

Sometimes, she thought he was going to drive her crazy. Other times, she could not bear to see him, did not dare to. 

These past two years, she had not seen him. 

Since that day he and Count Carefree (Xiao Yaohu) fell into the ravine together, she had not even said goodbye to him. 

She thought she would never see him again. 

Because in this world, not one living person was able to defeat Count Carefree. 

There was no one who could compare to Count Carefree's martial arts, no one more sinister, more malevolent, more fearsome than him. 

However, Xiao Shiyi Lang actually went to look for him and challenged him to a fight to the death. 

Although no one knew how the fight turned out, everybody knew that Xiao Shiyi Lang could not have survived. Even Feng was near despair. 

But then came a time when she heard news of Xiao Shiyi Lang. 

And that was how she came to Chaos Rock Mountain, how her feet were in the state they were in. But all she ran into was more bad luck. So now, she was sitting here like an idiot, holding her foot and thinking of him, wanting to see him so much her heart ached... 

What was it about Xiao Shiyi Lang that one wanted to forget but could never forget? 

Suddenly, Feng realized she was hungry. 

She was so absorbed in her thoughts of Xiao Shiyi Lang that she did not notice that she was hungry. 

She decided she did not want to sit down any longer. 

What place was this? How far was she from the Bandit Inn? She had no idea. 

Her clothes, her things, her weapons, they were all still in the inn. She had gotten herself lost in this barren hill. 

Now, it was already dusk; it was time for dinner. The smoke from the kitchen was hardly visible but as the sky blazed with the beautiful colors of sunset, she could see her surroundings better. The black smoke spewing from the kitchen chimney made an attractive sight. 

Although she already knew the path she did not want to turn back, not because she was afraid of the people looking for her but because she did not want to her feet to suffer the rough terrain again. 

In her opinion, her feet were more important than her stomach. 

But her stomach disagreed. Already, it was starting to protest. "Gu gu," it grumbled. How to comfort this stomach?

Feng SiNiang looked around her, thinking she could see some unlucky mountain fowls or rabbits. 

But she couldn't see rabbits, instead she saw six people. 

Four vigorious men in bright brocaded clothes lifted the small green sedan chair, while two very young men with magnificent attires were following behind the sedan chair, they were coming from the hillside. 

The mountain road was rugged, so it must be very difficult for them to lift up the sedan chair. 

What kind of person sat in the sedan chair ? this person's style was definitely not inadequate, who could possibly ride inside the sedan chair in this kind of place ? 

Feng SiNiang seldom rode in the sedan chair, she thought riding in the sedan chair was worrisome, instead she liked to ride a horse, to ride the fastest horse. 

But she actually had ridden inside a luxurious sedan chair before. 

Feng SiNiang couldn't help but to remember that day again, her seat was decoraded with flower for the celebration, but unexpectedly she saw Xiao Shiyi Lang and Shen Bijun by the roadside. She raised the red curtain and jumped off the sedan chair, causing all the people who were escorting her to the wedding at the Yang family residence scared to death. 

Since that time, she had a nickname; she'd been called "The new bride who frighten people to death" 

Therefore she couldn't restrain not to remember Xiao Shiyi Lang, moreover she remembered that pitiful loveable, beautiful woman, Shen Bijun. She remembered their tragic misadventure. 

If not for Shen Bijun, Xiao Shiyi Lang wouldn't have dueled with Xiao Yaohao to settle the great injustice, he wouldn't have to seek Xiao Yaohao. 

But if not because of Xiao Shiyi Lang, Shen Bijun wouldn't have to go through a tragic misadventure herself. 

In wulin, which valued respectful people, the woman who were envied by everyone had completely fallen in love with the biggest thief in jiang hu. 

She actually almost had the kind of life that everyone would envy, not only she came from a very good family background, but she was also young and outstandingly talented, with a husband who was skillful in martial arts and literature, moreover she was having his child. 

But for Xiao Shiyi Lang, she had actually given up everything, 

Who could be blamed? 

Feng SiNiang did not blame her, because Feng SiNiang was actually also such a woman. 

To show their true feelings, they were without hesitation willing to give up everything. 

If not because of Xiao Shiyi Lang, how could she now get into kind of situation herself ? 

At that time, she actually should put on the satin dress, while seating in the Yang family's golden and jade replenished guest hall and waiting for the servants to serve dinner. 

Feng SiNiang sighed, then decided not to let herself down again. 

She felt uplifted, only to discover that the sedan chair has been put down; two very attractively elegant young men had already raised the red curtain. 

But there was actually nobody inside the sedan chair. 

They rolled out a red carpet from the sedan chair, then put it on the ground, straight in front of Feng SiNiang. 

Feng SiNiang opened her eyes wide opened, startlingly looked at them, while couldn't bear not to ask "are you people here to get me ?” 

The two attractive very young men nodded, then smiled more sweetly than girls. 

Feng SiNiang instantly asked "Who ordered you to get me ?” 

"Jin Pusa" [Golden Boddihisattva] 

Feng SiNiang laughed; she should have thought that Jin Pu Sa had ordered these people to get her earlier. 

Who else had this type of style other than Jin Pusa? 

She smiled then said "It looks like my luck is good to finally meet this person.” 

All the people she met a moment ago weren't people, she simply thought she saw ghosts today. 

Could Jin Pusa indeed was this type of person ? 

He was a short and fat person, someone who always smiled everyday, similar to Mi Lei Fu [the laughing buddha]. 

Therefore other people just called him "Pu Sa" [the Bodhisattva] 

Other people never knew about his immense family wealth, yet they only heard of his mountains of gold, so when he was in a happy mood, he may donate tons of gold to the surrounding families. 

Therefore he was called "Jin Pusa" [the Golden Bodhisattva] 

In order to to help those in needs, he would spend tens of thousand taels of gold in an instant, without even the need to wrinkle his eyes brows. 

But when he massacred 17-18 people in an instant, he also did not even wink his eyes. 

He had the most beloved concubine, called Hong Hong [literary : red red], because she always liked to wear red clothes. 

During his big feast with Bohai Long Wang [The Dragon King of Bohai (the ocean between China and Korea)], Hong Hong poured the wine for the guests, she smiled for no reason at all, a very frivolously impolite smile. 

Soon after Jin Pusa smilingly called her to go back inside, Hong Hong returned, her body was wearing a very bright red clothes, but she was actually seating in a big silver tray, which carried by a person to a table. 

Because she had been steamed alive. 

Jin Pusa unexpectedly smiled, narrowing his eyes, while at the same time cutting her body up to enjoy the most tender meat; he offered a drink to Bohai Long Wang 

Bohai Long Wang was originally going to challenge him, to show off his wealth and power. 

But after the food was eaten, the stunned wulin figure left at the same night. 

Jin Pusa was such a person. 

Feng SiNiang had already known Jin Pusa for a long time, additonally she also had good impression of him. 

Because Jin Pusa had always been good to her. 

"If you treat me well, I will also treat you well.” This was definitely Feng SiNiang's principles. She's a woman, and women normally always had their own type principles -- the kind that men always could never understood. But how did Jin Pusa know that she was there ? How was he able to suddenly arrive to greet her ? Feng SiNiang certainly had not thought of these questions. She was now thinking in her heart, can the cooked bowl be a rotten shark fin soup mixed with the chicken stock and ham ? Jin Pusa's eyes were already small, but when he looked at Feng SiNiang, his eyes became one narrow line. He was smilingly looking at Feng SiNiang, carefully examining her from head to toe, suddenly he said "I shouldn't have asked you to come.” 

Feng SiNiang said "Why ?” 

Jin pusa said "Everytime I see you, my heart is beating miserably.” 

Feng SiNiang said "It seems like I'm such a smart woman, how can I make you feel miserable.” 

Jin Pusa said "Because you are too attractive so when I look at you I feel miserable. 

Feng SiNiang said "I don’t understand.” 

Jin Pusa said "You should understand…. Aren't you hungry now ?” 

Feng shiniang sighed "Extremely hungry.” 

Jin Pusa said "If you see a big bowl of red roasted pork served in front of you but you cannot eat it, will you feel miserable.” 

Feng SiNiang smiled. 

When she did not smile in front of disgusting men, her smile had always been especially attractive, her laughter too has always been pleasant to hear. 

Jin Pusa suddenly asked "Have you not gotten married ?” 

Feng SiNiang said "Not yet" 

Jin Pusa said "Why don't you want to marry me ?” 

Feng SiNiang closed her eyes instantly then said "Because you are rich.” 

Jin Pusa said : "Being rich is not a good thing ?” 

Feng SiNiang said "Extremely rich men, outstandingly talented man, I don't want to marry them.” 

Jin Pusa asked "Why ?” 

Feng SiNiang said "Because this type of men are loved by women, I feared other women with snatch them.” 

Jin Pusa said "You have never snatched other women's husbands, it's a polite behavior, so who would snatch your husband ?” 

Feng SiNiang said "If these women can’t snatch him, I also will feel very anxiously.” 

Jin Pusa said "Why ?”

Feng SiNiang said "As if you are holding a big bowl of red roasted pork while seating among a group of hungry ghosts at night, wouldn't you feel nervous ?” 

Jin Pusa also smiled, his eyes once again turned into a single line. 

Feng SiNiang winked and said "Actually my heart likes you, but only if you are willing to give me your mountains of gold, I will marry you immediately.” 

Jin Pusa said "To have mountains of gold, or otherwise to have such a beautiful woman like you, but if I give the mountains of gold to other person, how could it not be harmful to her ?” 

He shook his head heavily and said "Harming someone over this matter is something I never do.” 

Feng Siniang laughed and said "After several years of not seeing you, you are still an interesting person, no wonder I always wonder about you.” 

Jin Pusa said "It is a pity that I have too much money.” 

Feng SiNiang said "You really can lend it" 

Jin Pusa said "Therefore we can only be friends.” 

Feng SiNiang replied "We have continuously been good friends.” 

Jin Pusa said with a smile, "I have heard of these words before, they're also more delighted to hear than simply eating the red roasted pork.” 

Feng SiNiang's eyes widened and said "Because we are friends, therefore I have some words I have to ask you.” 

Jin Pusa said "I have been waiting for you to ask.” 

Feng SiNiang said "You have been especially looking for me ? How could you know that I was here?” 

Jin Pusa squinted his eyes, hesitatingly he answered "Do you want me to tell you the truth? Or do you want me to lie?” 

Feng SiNiang said "I actually like to listen to a man who to tell lies a lot, because lies are always more pleasant to hear than the truth.” 

Jin Pusa's eyes revealed the sign of appreciation, he sighed "You are indeed an intelligent woman, only the stupidest woman would compel a man to tell her the truth.” 

Feng SiNiang said "But currently, I actually want to listen to the truth.” 

Jin Pusa smilingly said "If you only want to listen to the truth, you always have to pay for the price.” 

Feng SiNiang said "I Know.” 

Jin Pusa said "You still want to listen ?” 

Feng SiNiang said "Naturally.” *

Jin Pusa was silent for a while, then he slowly said "I was looking for you because of a person.” 

Feng SiNiang asked "Because of who ?” 

Jin Pusa said "Xiao Shiyi Lang.” 

Xiao Shiyi Lang, it's Xiao Shiyi Lang again. 

Everytime she heard this name, her heart felt something that couldn't be explained, moreover she didn't know if it was sweet ? Was it sour ? Or was it bitter ? 

But her face actually made a very desolate expression, then she slowly said "You actually were looking for me because of Xiao Shiyi Lang ?” 

Jin Pusa said "You want me to tell you the truth.” 

Feng SiNiang sneered and said "What relationship does Xiao Shiyi Lang have with me ? I am not his mother.” 

Jin Pusa said "But you are his friend.” 

Feng SiNiang did not deny it, neither could she respond again.

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