Petarung-Petarung Terkuat di karya Gu Long

Created by Yifeng @WuxiaMania

Top Gu Long fighters 
I added those Gu Long fighters that consists only of the main heroes/heroines, surviving characters at the end of the Novel and those main opposing main villains/opposing fighters (even if they have died), due to the mind blowing numbers of fighters in Gu Long novels.

Also I divide tier 1 and 2 into 2 sections, due to the fact that some masters are already Jue Ding Gaoshou but also have disciples that are in the grading as well. But disciples usually fare a little lower than the Master who is usually far more wiser and experience.

Tier One 
Jue Shi Gao Shou (Top Most Powerful Exponents) 
A Grade: This grading represents the highest unparalleled position, not to say they are undefeatable but
Under normal circumstances, they should be undefeatable.

  • Yan Nantian (The Legendary Twins) No.1 Swordsman, 嫁衣神功 颠峰, Zhongshi 
  • Xie Xiaofeng (Third Young Master's Sword) No.1 swordsman, 人劍合一, (剑已在他心中,剑也无所不在) ,心劍合一 
  • Shen Lang (Wulin's Side Story) Juexue, Superb Intellect, 武学巅峰 
  • YaoYue (The Legendary Twins) Juexue, Yi Hua Jie Yu, 明玉神功 颠峰, Zhongshi (her own sect) 
  • Fang Bao Er (Sword Bathed in Flowers) No.1 Swordsman, 人劍合一, 心劍合一,Superb Intellect (He can feel others strokes 心剑) 
  • Zhan Bai (Swordsman's Journey) Juexue* 天佛降魔掌(right hand) 风雷八掌(left hand), 锁骨销魂天佛卷 (佛光普照),千幻飘香步,无色无相身 (Qinggong), 无情碧剑*神兵利器* 奇经八脉被打通, 追风剑 
  • Li Xunhuan (Flying Dagger series) Flying Dagger, 例不虛發 (Never Miss), Superior Wugong, 武学巅峰 (Wuxue Understanding) 手中无招, 心中却有招, 正義在我心 
  • Ximen Chuxue (Lu Xiaofeng series) No.1 Swordsman title, 人劍合一,心劍合一 
  • Chu Liu Xiang (Chu Liu Xiang series) Juexue, Superb Intellect, Superb qinggong*, 正義在我心, 易容术* 
  • Tie Zhongtang (The Legend of the Hero's Banner) 嫁衣神功, Zhongshi (Tie Xue Da Qi Men), Juexue, 正義在我心 

B Grade: 绝世高手 

  • Lian Xin (The Legendary Twins) Juexue, Zhongshi, 明玉神功 lvl 8 
  • Ji Beiqing (The Sword and the Exquisiteness) Juexue, 先天罡气, 
  • Yin Ji (Chu Liu xiang series) Juexue, Neigong strongest title, Zhongshi (Sect Leader of the Sacred Water Palace) 
  • Shi Guanyin (Chu Liu Xiang) Juexue, Talented in all wugong strokes, Zhongshi (Her own sect with her own wugong) 
  • Dongguo Xiansheng (The Sword and the Exquisiteness) Juexue, 无相神功, Zhongshi 
  • White Robe Swordsman (Sword Bathed in Flowers) No.1 Swordsman, Zhongshi, 人劍合一 
  • Yan Shi San (Third Young Master's Sword) No.1 swordsman, 夺命十三剑, 14 剑, 15剑 
  • Ding Peng (Full Moon, curved saber) No.1 Swordsman, 人劍合一, 魔刀 (小楼一夜听春雨)* 如意天魔连环八式 
  • Yu Pei Yu (The Sword and the Exquisiteness) Juexue, 无相神功 
  • Xiao Yu E (The Legendary Twins) Juexue* JiaYi, Wujue shengong, 嫁衣神功 
  • Hua Wuque (The Legendary Twins) Juexue, 明玉神功 
  • Xiaoyao Hou (The Eleventh Son) Juexue, 瑜咖, 九转还童-脱胎换骨-无相神功 
  • Jing Wu Ming (Flying Dagger series) No1 swordsman, 人劍合一, Ambidextrous (Now left one hand) 
  • Ah Fei (Flying Dagger series) Superswordsman, 人劍合一, 生存力极强 
  • Lu Xiaofeng (Lu Xiaofeng series) Juexue, 靈犀一指, 梯云纵 (Qinggong) 
  • Liu Cui Cui (Swordsman's Journey) Juexue *天佛降魔掌, 姹女迷魂大法 Zhenchuan 
  • Nanhai Longnu (Swordsman's Journey) Juexue, 流云锻袖 (Break iron) 
  • Lu Shan Long Wang (Happy heroes) Juexue*天龙八式,  隔空打穴 
  • Shangguan JingHong (The Flying Dagger series) Juexue, 武学巅峰 (手中无环,心中有环) 
  • Guan Yu (Guide to Lost Souls) Juexue*如意青钱, superswordsman, Neigong 
  • Zhao Zhiyuan (剑气严霜) 太乙迷踪步(Qinggong), Varius Juexue and Neigong 九玄神功, 扶风三式, 沧浪三式 
  • Rui Wei (The Mysterious Legend of the Sword) Juexue, 四照神功 
  • Fu Hongxue (Flying Dagger series) No.1 Swordsman, Zhenchuan, 人劍合一 
  • Xiao Shiyilang (The Eleventh Son) juexue, 生存力极强 (Unfailing fighting Spirit), 割鹿刀* 
  • Hai Tian Gu Yan (Concubine Xiang's Sword) Juexue* 化骨神拳,万流归宗 
  • Chou Shu (Concubine Xiang's Sword) Juexue*化骨神拳, 上天梯 (Qinggong) 
  • Murong Xisheng (Concubine Xiang's Sword) Juexue*屠龙八一式, 毒龙掌,屠龙针 (anqi) 
  • Ye Qiubai (The bell of Maiden Guarding) Juexue, 大乘三论太阳神功 

Tier Two 
Jue Ding Gao Shou 一等一的顶尖高手 (Most Powerful Exponents) 
A Grade 

  • Jasper Madame, Xie Yulun mother (Silver Spear Cleansed in Blood) No.1 woman fighter, Zhongshi, Juexue 
  • Mao Wenqi (Concubine Xiang's Sword) Superior Wugong*屠龙八一式,琥珀神剑*, 屠龙针 
  • Pu Ying (The Gambling House series) 隔空打穴, Superior Wugong 
  • Mo Qi Xing (The Gambling House series) No1 swordsman 
  • Gong Jiu (Lu Xiao feng series) Juexue, Knows many killer techniques 
  • Zhan Mengbai (Lover's Arrow) Juexue 六阳神掌 
  • Ri Hou , Sun Empress (The Legend of the Hero's Banner) Juexue 
  • Xue Yiren (Chu Liu Xiang series) No.1 swordsman, Zhongshi 
  • Ye Gucheng (Lu Xiaofeng series) No.1 Swordsman, 天外飛仙, Zhongshi 
  • Lan Da Xian Sheng (Lovers Arrow) Juexue 
  • Ye Di, Night Emperor (The Legend of the Hero's Banner) Juexue, Zhongshi 
  • Xiao WangSun (Lovers Arrow) Juexue 
  • Ye Kai (Flying Dagger series) Flying Dagger, superb Intellect, Superior Wugong 
  • Murong Qiudi (Sword of the Third Master) Zhongshi (Tian Zhong leader), Superswordsman, No.1 swordsman 
  • Shenlong Taizi (Swordsman's Journey) Juexue 
  • Zhu Yun (Fists) No.1 swordsman 
  • Bin Bin (The Eleventh Son) Juexue 
  • Shangguan Xiaoxian (The Flying Dagger series) Zhenchuan, Superior Wugong, 大搜魂针(Anqi), 透明金属锐利手套(大搜神手) 
  • Hua Man Luo (Lu Xiaofeng series) Superior Wugong, Blind-Fighting Awareness Feat 
  • Shui Tianji (Sword Bathed in Flowers) Superior Wugong, Superb qinggong 
  • Sikong Zhaixin (Lu Xiaofeng series) Superior wugong, superb Qinggong, 易容术* 
  • Mei Yin Xue (The bell of Maiden Guarding) Superior Wugong, Superb qinggong, Modern Surgury and advance medical skills* 
  • Nangong Ping (The bell of Maiden Guarding) Juexue 达摩十八式,无影神拳谱,神龙十六式,在田五式, 
  • Yuan Suiyun, The mastermind of Bat Island (Chu Liu Xiang series)Zhongshi, Blind*, Juexue *ard 40 top notch martial arts* 
  • Hua Zhenzhen (Chu Liu xiang series)Juexue, Superb qinggong 
  • Lao Po (Meteor. Butterfly. Sword) Juexue, Zhongshi, Superb Intellect* 
  • Da Wan (Silver Spear Cleansed in Blood) Juxue, Zhenchuan 
  • Xie Yulun (Silver Spear Cleansed in Blood) Zhenchuang, Juexue 
  • Wan Er (Swordsman's Journey) Juexue*搜魂指, Zhenchuan, 蹑空幻影 (Qinggong) 
  • Hu Buque (Sword Bathed in Flowers) Juexue, Perfect memory* 
  • Hu Tie Hua (Chu Liu Xiang series) Zhenchuan, Juexue 蝴蝶穿花七十二式,暴雨梨花钉* 
  • Zhao Wuji (The White Jade Tiger) Juexue, Zhenchuan 
  • Mu Daoren (Lu Xiaofeng series) Juexue, Zhongshi 
  • Huo Xiu (Lu Xiaofeng series) Juexue 
  • Jin Jiu Ling (Lu Xiaofeng series) Juexue 
  • Lu XiaoJia (Flying Dagger series) No.1 swordsman, Ambidextrous 
  • Yang Fan (The Prominent Figure) Juexue, Zhongshi 
  • Feng San (The Sword and the Exquisiteness) Yuexue *Life force absorbing Skill 
  • Liu Luosong (Full Moon, curved saber) No.1 swordsman, 如意天魔连环八式 
  • Lei Dashu (Swordsman's Journey) Superior wugong, 锁骨销魂天佛卷 
  • White Hair granny(Swordsman's Journey) Juexue* 搜魂指 
  • White Hair moustache old man, Hatred as deep as the Ocean (Swordsman's Journey) Juexue*大手印 
  • Shi Tian Wang (Chu Liu Xiang series) Jue xue 
  • Lin Taiping (Happy heroes) Juexue 
  • Bai FeiFei (Wulin Side Story) Superior wugong, 幽灵秘谱 
  • Happy King (Wulin Side Story) Juexue 
  • Xiong Zhou (Cang Qiong Shen Jian) Juexue 
  • San Hua Xian Zi (Cang Qiong Shen Jian) Superior Wugong, Superb Qinggong 
  • Yang Zheng (Hook of Departure/那一剑的风情) Superb Intellect, 第三把剑 *怒剑* 手中无剑,手中有剑 
  • Xiao Feng (The Mysterious Legend of the Sword) Superior Wugong 先天掌, Superswordsman 
  • Gong Jiu's Father (Lu Xiaofeng series) Juexue, 化骨绵掌, 混元气功, 如意兰花手, 指刀 
  • Wang lianhua (Wulin Waishi etc) Juexue, Knows many arts including Poison, Medical, Disguise (易容术) etc 伟大人类* (He is mad scientist) 
  • Gao Jian Fei (Hero with No Tears) Superswordman, 瑜咖术* (Yoga), 泪痕*,梯云纵 (Qinggong) 
  • Xiao Leixue (Hero with No Tears) Juexue, 箱子* 
  • Xie Xiaoyu (Full Moon, curved saber) Superior Wugong,暗器 
  • Chou Du (Concubine Xiang's Sword) Superswordsman, 万流归宗内功心法, can cause 摄金吸铁, Ambidextrous Sword and Whip 
  • Shi Lin (Concubine Xiang's Sword) Superswordsman, 八步赶蝉 
  • Zi Yi Hou (Sword Bathed in Flowers) No.1 swordsman 
  • Di Yang (The bell of Maiden Guarding) Superior Wugong, 三分剑术,七禽身法 

B Grade: 顶尖高手/绝顶高手 

  • Sima Chaoqun (Hero with No Tears) Superior Wugong, Superswordsman 
  • Zhuo Dong (Hero with No Tears) Superior Wugong, Superswordsman 
  • Zhu Meng (Hero with No Tears) Superior Wugong 
  • Li Huai/San (Flying Dagger series) Flying Dagger, Zhenchuan 
  • Meng Xinghu (Meteor. Butterfly. Sword) Superswordsman, Patience 
  • Xiao Gongzhu (Sword Bathed in Flowers) Superior wugong, Zhenchuan (She learns her skills from the Huo Shen instead of Zi Yi Hou) 
  • Bai Yu jing (Longevity sword) Superswordsman, Longevity Sword*anti anqi 
  • Xiao Ma (Fist) Superior Wugong 
  • 10 most evil men (The legendary twins) Superior Wugong 
  • Ding Xi ((The Overlord's Spear,7 weapons chronicles) 
  • Ji Lingfeng (The Sword and the Exquisiteness) Superior Wugong, Zhenchuan 
  • YiDianHong (Chu Liu Xiang series) Superswordsman 
  • Madame Gongsun (Lu Xiaofeng series) Superior Wugong, Superswordsman, 易容术* 
  • Qin Ge (The Prominent Figure) Superior wugong 
  • Guo Dalu (Happy heroes) Superior Wugong 
  • Yan Qi (Happy heroes) Superior Wugong, fast reflexes* 
  • Ji Yin (The Legend of the Hero's Banner) 
  • Liu Feng Gu (The Prominent Figure) Superior wugong 
  • Wang Dong (happy heroes) Superior wugong, dirty fighting 
  • Yue Shen (Flying Dagger series)  月神飞刀 
  • Shangguan Ren (White Jade Tiger) Superswordsman 
  • Xiao Manfeng (Lover Arrow) Superior Wugong 
  • Jin Fei (Lover Arrow) Superswordsman, Superior Wugong 
  • Su Qianxue (Lover Arrow) Superior Wugong 
  • Zhang Zhizhi (Chu Liu Xiang series) Superb qinggong, Zhenchuan 
  • Di Qinglin (Hook of Departure) Superswordsman 
  • Zhuo Changqing (Strange Moon, Evil Star) Superior Wugong 
  • Wen Jin (Strange Moon, Evil Star) Superior Wugong 
  • Fei Jue (Lonestar Chronicles) Superior Wugong 
  • Zhang Yuzhen (The Mysterious Legend of the Sword) ) Superswordsman, Superior Wugong 
  • Gong Zhu, Beef Noodles ( Lu Xiaofeng series) Zhenchuan, Superior Wugong 如意兰花 
  • Lin Xian Er (The Flying Dagger series) Superior Wugong, 江南第一美人* 
  • Lian Chengbi (The Eleventh Son) Superswordsman 

Tier Three 
一流高手 Yi Liu Gaoshou (Outstanding Exponents/Fighters) 

  • Qing Qing (Full Moon, curved saber) Superb Qinggong, Zhenchuan 
  • Qiu Fengcheng (Silver Spear Cleansed in Blood) Zhenchuan 
  • Ma Rulong (Silver Spear Cleansed in Blood) Zhenchuan, 天马行空 (qinggong) 
  • Shui Ling Guang (The Legend of the Hero's Banner) Superb Qinggong 
  • Duan Yu (The Jasper Sabre, 7 Weapons Chronicles) Zhenchuan, Lucky* 
  • Jin Caifeng (Swordsman's Journey) Zhenchuan, 江南第一美人* 
  • Murong Hong (Swordsman's Journey) Zhenchuan 
  • Gao Yanan (Chu Liu Xiang series) Zhenchuan 
  • Feng Siniang (The Eleventh Son) Anqi 
  • Song Tian Er (Chu Liu Xiang series) Anqi 
  • Laosi He Shan, Honest Monk (Lu Xiaofeng series) Famous 
  • Gao Li (Peacock Tail Feathers) Famous two hand spear technique 
  • Ye Man Qing (The bell of Maiden Guarding) Zhenchuan 
  • Qu WuRong (Chu Liu Xiang series) Zhenchuan 
  • Fan Su Wan (Swordsman's Journey) Zhenchuan 
  • Yu Linglong (Happy heroes) Zhenchuan 
  • Xiao Xian Nu (The Legendary Twins) Zhenchuan 
  • Shangguan Lianlian (White Jade Tiger) Zhenchuan 
  • Xiao Feiyu (Lover Arrow) Zhenchuan 
  • Lin Wuyin, Lin Yin (Guide to Lost Souls) Zhenchuan 

Tier Four 
二流高手 Er Liu Gaoshou (Fair Fighters) 

  • Tie Xinlan (The Legendary Twins) 
  • Shen Binjun (The Eleventh Son) Anqi* 满天花雨手法 金针(But she isnt ruthless enough to use it well) 江南第一美人 
  • Ding Linglin (The Flying Dagger series) 
  • Sun Xiao Hong (The Flying Dagger series) 
  • Su Rongrong (Chu Liu Xiang series) aka 兰花先生,易容术 
  • Jin Linzhi (Chu Liu Xiang series) 
  • Princess Pipa (Chu Liu Xiang series) 
  • Li Hongxiu (Chu Liu Xiang series) 
  • Zhu lei Er(The Sword and the Exquisiteness) Immune poison* 
  • Sun Xiuqinq,Mrs Ximen (Lu Xiaofeng series) 
  • Hei Zhenzhu (Chu Liu Xiang series) 
  • Shangguan Feiyan (Lu Xiaofeng series) Feiyan Zhen (anqi) 
  • XueBing (Lu Xiaofeng series) 
  • Jin Yanzi (The Sword and The Exquisiteness) 
  • Lin Daiyu (The Sword and The Exquisiteness) 
  • Lei Qingping (The Legend of the Hero's Banner) 
  • Lei Qingshuang (The Legend of the Hero's Banner) 
  • Long Tianxiang (Full Moon, curved saber) 怜花宝鉴 minus the Poison arts 
  • Yu Jian Gongzhu (Chu Liu xiang series) 
  • Zhu QiQi (Wulin Side Story) 
  • Ye Qing (The Mysterious Legend of the Sword) ) 

Tier Five 
三流高手 San Liu Gaoshou (Weak fighters, normal fighters) 

  • Tian SiSi (The Prominent Figure) 
  • Wang Da Xiaojie (The Overlord Spear) Overlord Spear* 
  • Hua Huafeng/Zhu Zhu (Jasper Saber) 
  • Xia Yun (Cang Xiong Shen Jian) 
  • Mao Bing (Concubine Xiang's Sword) 

Tier Six 
No Martial Arts 

  • Su Ying (The Legendary Twins) 
  • Xiao Die (Meteor. Butterfly. Sword) 
  • Xiao Lin (Fists) 
  • Shuang Shuang (The Peacock Tail Feather) 
  • Shangguan Xue Er (Lu Xiaofeng Series) 
  • Ou Yang Qing (Lu Xiaofeng series) 
  • Tian Xin (The Prominent Figure) 
  • Cang Hua (那一剑的风情) Yang Zheng Daughter 
  • Xia Shi (The Mysterious Legend of the Sword) ) 
  • Die Wu (Hero with No Tears) 

Note: I did try to simplify the list further more by excluding friends, uncles etc like Feng San, Gao laoda etc but each epic gulong stories have at least 10 characters. Also i am not familiar with all the gulong novels, this is just a example revision. Need some gulong experts here:) Also pls free to change the ranking and including more characters of ur liking as well as those i have left out. The ranking are based towards the end of the novel, and i try to include only the main casts and the main opponent only. Even then, the lists are still very extensive and mind blowing:(

Please help to add in new names to the list, thanks everyone ^^

Grading Types 
Gulong wrote many wuxia stories, powerful heroes and not so powerful heroes, powerful swordsman and not so powerful. While he did not expect a grading to be given to his characters, i would think that Gulong will say what makes a Character powerful is not just his martial arts or force of strength. Powerful characters will all start at Tier2, with various traits to move them to Tier1, if possible. In this instant, i try to be as fair as possible. And pls note that Tier2 fighters do not necessary lose to Tier1 fighters.
Bai Xiaosheng grading is fair, number two fighter Shangguan Jinhong defeats number one fighter Old Man Sun, and number three fighter Li Xuanhuan defeat Shangguan Jinhong, although obviously Shanggong Jinhong wugong wins Li Xuanhuan. SGJH as a top notch fighter is not only just powerful, brilliant, experience and display a brilliant knowledge of wushu. Would LXH wins if SGJH do not display an opening for LXH to throw his dagger? But SGJH lost patience and decide to test LXH dagger. And LXH have very strong conviction, not in his dagger ability but in justice and his heart have no hesitation whatever so when given the opportunity to throw his dagger. When SGJH dies, he could not believe that in how fast LXH dagger is, believing that he can close his fake opening and trap LXH...after all, how matter how fast Jing Wuming and Ah Fei is, they are still not faster than him and have no weakness to exploit.
I will try to divide or extend our heroes traits as much as possible to include 拳,掌,兵器,暗器,内功,真力,身法和步法, 稳

Anqi (暗器) Projectile weapons, usually lies conceal for best effect. However some anqi best effect lies in showing it to invoke fear.
Superior Wugong (高绝武功)Usually fighters of this calibre are graded 绝顶高手 (T2B)
Juexue (绝學) Fighters of this grading knows many superior wugong skills even 精通 or it could be even 绝传的武功秘技 (powerful martial arts). They are graded T2A (一等一的顶尖高手)
Superswordsman (超级劍士) Fighters graded this title are the best swordsman ever, and they are very very fast. 招中有招,变化无穷 are sometimes use to describe themGrade T2B 绝顶高手
No.1 Swordsman (天下第一劍) Fighters that carry this title have move beyond fast and usually attain 剑气 level. Their techniques and counter attack, exploiting of sword weakness are uncomparable. Is that an opening, weakness or a trap? When fighting against such swordsmen. Grade T2A 一等一的顶尖高手
Superb Qinggong (绝顶身法和步法) This trait is totally disregarded at Tier One, even if i add it, it is for notes taking purposes or pushing a fighter to Tier1. I believe that all the fighters at T1 all posseses extremely good qinggong. And even if an opponent have better qinggong, it will not have any effect at this Tier level.
Superb Intellect (绝顶的机智) This trait refers not to Intelligence, which most gulong fighters have anyway. But it refer to flexibility, quick thinking and almost supernatural reaction timing that is often inherent or perform a feat under duress or stress that normal person, even super fighters are not capable of. Most notable characters are Shen Lang, Chu Liu Xiang.
Inner Strength (内家高手) Although Chu Liu Xiang is described as a 内家高手, i exclude him. Instead the focus will be more towards the extremely powerful Neigong (内功) like 嫁衣神功,锁骨销魂天佛卷,明玉神功,先天罡气,无相神功,如意青钱,九玄神功,四照神功 etc Neigong although does not affect the martial level of the opponent but when two equal opponents spar, the one with better Inner Strength will extract a terrible toll on the other opponent making him more and more tired as the fight continues as each parry he will have to use greater 真力 to match. Eventually he may lose due to exhaustion.
Unfailing Fighting Spirit (生存力极强) Only 3 fighters are ever described this trait by Gulong. Xiao Shiyilang, Bai Dihua and Ah Fei. And these three fighters are described as the deadliest predator fighters ever. They not only have the instinct to seize any opportunity, extremely patience (耐力极强) as though like they know they will win the fight against the odds level. A good example lies in the fight between Xiayaohou and Xiao Shiyilang. Even though XYH have superior neigong strength (reveal as 无相神功), he still cannot win Xiao Shiyilang after 200 strokes. Although Xiao Shiyilang is at the verge of exhaustion, he steadfastly awaits any chance for survival. If the fight continues, i guess that XYH will be one losing when exhaustion overtakes him as Xiao Shiyilang endurance is like a wolf. (No chance to test it later as Xiao Shiyilang becomes too powerful after the fight with XYH)
武学巅峰, 人劍合一 Both mean the same meaning. At the highest level whether Wugong, Swordplay, it will come in the forms of 手中无招, 心中却有招 (Li Xuanhuan), 剑已在他心中,剑也无所不在(Xie Xiaofeng), 手中无环,心中有环(Shangguan Jinhong), 手中无剑,手中有剑 (Yang Zheng) etc. Like XXF says, at this level or beyond, even a branch of leaves, a soft object or a sewing string can be a weapon (That is gross, i am thinking of using hair as a weapon at the moment^^Wink. Best example is Ah Fei uses a branch to break Lu Xiaojia weapon^^;
心劍合一, 正義在我心 At this peak, if the swordsman achieve 心劍合一, 剑气练得出神入化,收放自如能, 将剑气溶入剑的招式变化中. Theorically he/she is considered 无敌于天下. The another peak of Wugong likes in 正義在我心. Heroes like Tie Zhongtang, Li Xuanhuan, Chu Liu Xiang are considered to be 天下无敌 as their hearts are so big and they firmly believes in 邪不胜正. 正義在我心 is their wugong. However not many people can reach this level.

How the Ranking Works 

Superior Wugong T2B, Superswordsman T2B
Juexue T2A, No.1 Swordsman T2A
Anqi +1 to advancement
Superb Qinggong +1 to advancement, however unable to advance at Tier1
Superb Intellect +1
Inner Strength +1
武学巅峰 , 人劍合一 +1
心劍合一, 正義在我心 +1
生存力极强 +1
Others Grading 
武林世家/门派/流派 T4
Zhenchuan +1 (Manage to learn what he/she is suppose to learn in his/her clan). A good example will be Tie Zhongtang who starts off as a 一流高手 in the book. Daqi Men fighters typically start off at T4, if they are excellent fighters, they typically start off at T3 (+1)
Ambidextrous Two Weapon Style. Currently no effect on ranking. But could be use as a simulated ranking.
Weapons Currently no effect on ranking. But could be use as a simulated ranking.
This ranking system is just an analysis system using a grading system. Sometimes, lack of informations prevent a better analysis. In Gulong fashion, it is not just wugong that makes one a fighter. Maybe other fighters have Juexue martial arts but fighters like Chu Liu Xiang, Lu Xiaofeng, Xiao Shiyilang all reach a point when they using free style fighting after they completed their training. The stage of not limiting to any wugong or all wugong comes from a source.

Although Fu Hongxue and Ye Kai are both in same grading and their fans argue for both. This is good. Gu long never says FHX will lose to Ye Kai or vice versa. Just like the fight between LXH and SGJH, it seems that SGHX have the most advantage. (He distract LXH with a string of hair). As long as fans debate, it means that they are both very very good and no one have a real advantage. Pls take the grading with a grain of salt, T2 fighters may not lose to T1 fighters;)

It is fun when making this grading system especially when figuring out Ah Fei and Jing Wuming. I try to be as faithful to the book as possible. Ah Fei knows only one stroke normally, that is going for the throat. But Jing Wuming is the better swordsman, as he really studies swordplay. So how then do i make them on par? Then i remember Xiao Shiyilang and Ah Fei both have a trait that is learned from hungry wolves. And the Gambling series provide some explanations.

Speedometer 一弹指 
Many people asks how faster is FHX, LXH. Actually Chu Liu Xiang already invented a speedometer that is the basis guide for Jianghu. It is call 一弹指 (a flicker of finger). It is used to measure how fast is one Qinggong, an Attack in one flinch of a finger. An example will be:
This is an indication of how fast top fighters can see or react in a Flicker of a Finger. Outsiders see only one stroke when Ding Peng and FHX attacks but in actual reality it could be consisted of multiple changes, flow of strokes. Needless to say, CLX never die, he breaks free of the 60 strokes.

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