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Demi Gods & Semi Devils

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a renowned wuxia novel written by Jin Yong, a master of Chinese martial arts fiction. Set in ancient China, the novel tells a captivating story filled with intricate plotlines, complex characters, and epic battles.

Demi Gods & Semi Devils ( 天龙八部) was first serialised from 3 September 1963 to 27 May 1966 in the newspapers Ming Pao in Hong Kong.

Set during the Song Dynasty, "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" follows the lives of three main protagonists who hail from different backgrounds and destinies. The story revolves around their intertwining paths, as they navigate love, friendship, and a world filled with political intrigue, treacherous schemes, and deadly martial arts battles.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils revolves around the adventures of three main characters: Qiao Feng, Duan Yu, and Xuzhu. Qiao Feng is a righteous hero with a tragic past, seeking to uncover the truth about his heritage. Duan Yu, a prince, a carefree Dali prince, finds himself entangled in complex relationships, love, and a dangerous power struggle. Xu Zhu, a monk, strives to find spiritual enlightenment while confronting his inner demons. These distinct personalities and their personal quests form the foundation of the novel's gripping narrative.

In the vast realm of Wuxia novels, few stories have captured the hearts and imaginations of readers as powerfully as "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils." Penned by renowned Chinese author Jin Yong, this captivating tale has become a classic in the genre, captivating readers with its intricate plot, rich character development, and epic martial arts battles. Embark on a journey through the world of "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" as we explore the essence of this enthralling Wuxia novel.

First published in 1963, "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" has become one of the most celebrated works in Wuxia literature. Jin Yong's storytelling prowess, complex characters, and intricate plot have captivated generations of readers. The novel has been adapted into numerous television series, movies, and video games, further cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon in Chinese popular culture.

"Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" stands as a timeless masterpiece in the world of Wuxia novels, enchanting readers with its blend of adventure, romance, and philosophical reflections. Through its exploration of morality, destiny, love, and martial arts, Jin Yong's magnum opus continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the globe.

The translation project took 17 years to complete. It was a long and arduous journey, with many challenges along the way. Despite the obstacles, the project was ultimately successful. During the 17 year period, dozens of people worked tirelessly to ensure the project was brought to fruition. The project was a labor of love for everyone involved, and the results were well worth the effort. The finished translation is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the people who spent 17 years bringing the project to life.

Demi Gods & Semi Devils English Novel Translation

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Book Four

Book Five

Credit / Translators:

  • Chapter 1 - 4 = Moinllieon (based on the 2nd edition of the novel)
  • Chapter 5  = Moinllieon, Pacifian, and Ani411 (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 6 = Ani411, Pacifian, Ren woxing (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 7 - 14 = Ren Woxing (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 15 = Ren Woxing, and tigergee2329 (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 16 = tigergee2329 and forgot password (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 17 - 23 = forgot password (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 24-25 = Xaari (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 26-29 darksinz (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 30-43 = darksinz (3rd edition)
  • Chapter 44 - infinityex (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 45 - infinityex (3rd edition), wuxiabeginner (unknown edition),  justin13 (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 46-50 -  justin13 (2nd edition)
  • Other Translators: CC, Han Solo, Athena, Jenxi
  • Compiler: CancerLuna, alfredlion, a_tumiwa, wandering.

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