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Demi Gods & Semi Devils

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a renowned wuxia novel written by Jin Yong, a master of Chinese martial arts fiction. Set in ancient China, the novel tells a captivating story filled with intricate plotlines, complex characters, and epic battles.

Demi Gods & Semi Devils ( 天龙八部) was first serialised from 3 September 1963 to 27 May 1966 in the newspapers Ming Pao in Hong Kong.

Set during the Song Dynasty, "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" follows the lives of three main protagonists who hail from different backgrounds and destinies. The story revolves around their intertwining paths, as they navigate love, friendship, and a world filled with political intrigue, treacherous schemes, and deadly martial arts battles.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils revolves around the adventures of three main characters: Qiao Feng, Duan Yu, and Xuzhu. Qiao Feng is a righteous hero with a tragic past, seeking to uncover the truth about his heritage. Duan Yu, a prince, a carefree Dali prince, finds himself entangled in complex relationships, love, and a dangerous power struggle. Xu Zhu, a monk, strives to find spiritual enlightenment while confronting his inner demons. These distinct personalities and their personal quests form the foundation of the novel's gripping narrative.

In the vast realm of Wuxia novels, few stories have captured the hearts and imaginations of readers as powerfully as "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils." Penned by renowned Chinese author Jin Yong, this captivating tale has become a classic in the genre, captivating readers with its intricate plot, rich character development, and epic martial arts battles. Embark on a journey through the world of "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" as we explore the essence of this enthralling Wuxia novel.

First published in 1963, "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" has become one of the most celebrated works in Wuxia literature. Jin Yong's storytelling prowess, complex characters, and intricate plot have captivated generations of readers. The novel has been adapted into numerous television series, movies, and video games, further cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon in Chinese popular culture.

"Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" stands as a timeless masterpiece in the world of Wuxia novels, enchanting readers with its blend of adventure, romance, and philosophical reflections. Through its exploration of morality, destiny, love, and martial arts, Jin Yong's magnum opus continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the globe.

The translation project took 17 years to complete. It was a long and arduous journey, with many challenges along the way. Despite the obstacles, the project was ultimately successful. During the 17 year period, dozens of people worked tirelessly to ensure the project was brought to fruition. The project was a labor of love for everyone involved, and the results were well worth the effort. The finished translation is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the people who spent 17 years bringing the project to life.

Demi Gods & Semi Devils English Novel Translation

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Book Four

Book Five

Credit / Translators:

  • Chapter 1 - 4 = Moinllieon (based on the 2nd edition of the novel)
  • Chapter 5  = Moinllieon, Pacifian, and Ani411 (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 6 = Ani411, Pacifian, Ren woxing (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 7 - 14 = Ren Woxing (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 15 = Ren Woxing, and tigergee2329 (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 16 = tigergee2329 and forgot password (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 17 - 23 = forgot password (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 24-25 = Xaari (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 26-29 darksinz (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 30-43 = darksinz (3rd edition)
  • Chapter 44 - infinityex (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 45 - infinityex (3rd edition), wuxiabeginner (unknown edition),  justin13 (2nd edition)
  • Chapter 46-50 -  justin13 (2nd edition)
  • Other Translators: CC, Han Solo, Athena, Jenxi
  • Compiler: CancerLuna, alfredlion, a_tumiwa, wandering.

Missing Paragraph

Infinityex forgot to translate some paragraphs in Chapter 44

Chapter 44 

Duan Yu called out: “Do not be disrespectful!” and his left hand stretched out to block the strike. The defending warrior flipped his palm and grabbed Duan Yu’s arm in a vice grip. The hammer-user shouted: “Wonderful! Brother is going to rip this young dandy into two pieces!” He grabbed both hammers and used his right hand to pull hard on Duan Yu’s wrist.

Mu Wanqing urgently shouted: “Don’t hurt my brother (哥哥)!” She shot out multiple darts but the effect was like throwing stones into the sea. Although they impacted the bodies of the two warriors, they hardly dealt any damage. She wanted to shoot at the eyes of the duo but Duan Yu was trapped between them and she was afraid to injure him. Xu Zhu, Ba Tianshi and Zhu Danchen were mounted on horses and unable to assist immediately.

Xu Zhu blazed down from his horse and sped beside the club-wielding warrior, extending his finger to seal his acupoints. He instead heard Duan Yu laughing loudly and saying: “Elder brother, do not be alarmed. They cannot hurt me.”

below is the missing paragraph:

note: based on 2nd edition , you can use google translate if you don't speak mandarin.

木婉清急叫:“休得伤我哥哥!”嗤嗤数箭射出,都如石沉大海,虽然中在两名大汉身上,却是不损其分毫,想要 射他二人头脸眼珠,可是中间隔了个段誉,又怕伤及于他。两旁山峰壁立,虚竹、巴天石、朱丹臣三人被段木二人 坐骑阻住了,无法上前相救。

  虚竹飞身离鞍,跃到持杵大汉身侧,伸指正要往他胁下点去,却听得段誉哈哈大笑,说道:“二哥不须惊惶, 他们伤我不得。”

  只见两条铁塔也似的大汉渐渐矮了下来,两颗大头摇摇摆摆,站立不定,过不多时,砰砰两声,倒在地下。段 誉的“北冥神功”专吸敌人功力,两条大汉的内力一尽,天生膂力也即无用,两人委顿在地,形如虚脱。段誉说道 :“你们已打死打伤了这许多人,也该受此惩罚,下次万万不可。”

  钟灵恰于此时赶到,笑道:“只怕他们下次再也没打人的本领了。”转头向木婉清道:“木姊姊,我真想不到 是你!”木婉清冷冷的道:“你是我亲妹子,只叫‘姊姊’便了,何必加上个‘木’字?”钟灵奇道:“木姊姊, 你说笑了,我怎么会是你的亲妹子?”木婉清向段誉一指道:“你去问他!”钟灵转向段誉,待他解 释。



  阿紫叫道:“哥哥,这位好香的姑娘,也是你的老相好么?怎么不替我引见引见?”段誉道:“别胡说,这位 ……这位是你的……你的亲姊姊,你过来见见。”木婉清怒道:“我哪有这么好福气?”在驴臀上轻轻一鞭,径往 前行。

  段誉纵骑赶了上去,问道:“这些时来,你却在哪里?妹子,你……你可真清减了。”木婉清心高气傲,动不 动便出手杀人,但听了他这句温柔言语,突然胸口一酸,一年多来道路流离,种种风霜雨雪之苦,无可奈何之情, 霎时之间都袭上了心头,泪水再也无法抑止,扑簌簌的便滚将下来。段誉道:“好妹子,我们大伙儿人多,有个照 应,你就跟我们在一起罢。”木婉清道:“谁要你照应?没有你,我一个人不也这么过日子了?”段誉道:“我有 许多话要跟你说,好妹子,你答应跟我们在一起好不好?”木婉清道:“你又有甚么话跟我说了?多半是胡说八道 。”嘴里虽没答允,口风却已软了。段誉甚喜,搭讪道:“好妹子,你虽然清瘦了些,可越长越俊啦 !”

  木婉清脸一沉,道:“你是我兄长,可别跟我说这些话。”她心下烦乱已极,明知段誉是自己同父异母的哥哥 ,但对他的相思爱慕之情,别来非但并未稍减,更只有与日俱增。

  段誉笑道:“我说你越长越俊,也没甚么不对。好妹子,你为甚么着了男装上灵州去?是去招驸马么?像你这 么俊美秀气的少年书生,那西夏公主一见之后,非爱上你不可。”木婉清道:“那你为甚么又上灵州去了?”段誉 脸上微微一红,道:“我是去瞧瞧热闹,更无别情。”木婉清哼了一声,道:“你别尽骗我。爹爹叫你去做西夏驸 马,命这姓巴的、姓朱的送信给你,你当我不知道么?”


the difference between 2nd and 3rd edition is only this paragraph:

3rd edition:

  木婉清急叫:“休得伤我哥哥!”嗤嗤数箭射出,都如石沉大海,虽中在两名大汉身上,却不损其分毫,要想 射他二人头脸眼珠,可是中间隔了个段誉,又怕伤及于他。两旁山峰壁立,巴天石和朱丹臣给段木二人坐骑阻住了 ,没法上前相救。

  这时萧峰、虚竹等人也已近前,虚竹飞身离鞍,跃到持杵大权身侧,伸指正要往他胁下点去,却听得段誉哈哈 大笑,说道:“二哥不须惊惶,他们伤我不得。”

Then you can continue to read on like usual.

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